by Frostagrath

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Isolation is the eighth studio album by Frostagrath.
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Catalog ID: RP168
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released July 12, 2014

All tracks composed and recorded in Summer 2014.
Mixed and Mastered in Frostagrath lair in Cairo, Egypt.
Artwork, Lyrics by Lord Mist
Track 02 Der Tag An Dem Ich Dich Verlor written by Baldur Pest



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Frostagrath Cairo, Egypt

One Man Depressive Black Metal band from Cairo,Egypt. Started in the mid of 2011 ,

Lord Mist - All Instruments,Vocals,Programming Mixing and Mastering

The lyrics theme : Negativity, Sorrow , Depression , Anti-Life
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Track Name: Scattered Fate
There is no time remaining, in the land of broken dreams.
Looking for salvation among dead angels:
By the hands of fate, they were raped.
Into million pieces,they were scattered.

The lights are fading, nothing is real!
Every hope is falling, lying broken and torn !
Abandoned, tormented under the storm,
of faith, of Hope!

Beneath the oppressive moonlight,
I lay awaken in the dark.
Trying to face my destiny,
Yet the hands of depression
are still so strong !

Black waters running deep
amidst the frozen land.
Grey vision abandoned by all,
Lost in no man's land !

Forgive me my soul;
For i can never walk out again,
Amidst the cold fog of night,
Darkness will veil the earth
Track Name: Der Tag An Dem Ich Dich Verlor (The Day I Lost You In)
Die schwärzeste Stund meines lebens brach an, als
ich von deinem Tode hörte
Meine Hände zitternd saß ich da,
die Bilder von dir in meinem Kopf
Alles ist bedeutungslos geworden,
nur die Erinnerung
an dich war noch von belangen.
Dann kam die Schuld,
diese verdammten Schuldgefühle.

Niemand konnte mir helfen und einsam versunken isolierte ich mich gänzlich.

Weinend Tag für Tag,
Nacht für Nacht
im Gedenken an dich.

Auch der stärkste Krieger weint,
wenn sein Lebensheil erlischt.
Mein Leben zerbrochen
wie ein alter Spiegel.

Was sollte ich nur tun,
kein Gott der mich erlöst,
nicht die deinen Ratschläge,
die einer alten weisen Frau.
Da stand ich nun vor dem Altar,
dir den letzten Gruß zu senden, die letzte Ehre zu erteilen.
Die blaue Urne mit den Vögeln die dich nun

in Freiheit senden sollten,
sank in die Erde hernieder.

Eine Rose und die Erde unserer Ahnen sendete
ich dir mit auf den Weg, dem Weg zur Freiheit.

Heute denke ich mit stolz an unsere Zeit,
an all das was ich durch dich erlernen durfte.

Und so lebt er ewig weiter,
der Toten Tatenruhm

[English translation:]

The Day I Lost You in

The blackest hour of my entire life broke
When i heard of your death
My hands shivering, I sat there
The pictures of you in my head
Everything became meaningless
Only the memories
Of you were yet of concern.
Then the guilt came,
These damned feelings of guilt.

Nobody was able to help me and lonely rapted, i completely isolated myself;

Crying day by day,
Night by night
In memory of you.

Even the strongest warrior cries
When his sanctity of life dies.
My life is broken
Like an old mirror.

What should i do
No God which saves me,
Not yours advices,
The nes of an old, wise woman.
There i stand in front of the altar
In order to send the last salute, to do honour to you.
The blue cinerary urn with the birds which should sent you now to latitude,
Sank downwards into the soil.

A rose and the soil of our ancestors, i sent to you
on your way to freedom.

Today I am thinking with proud of our time,
And of all the things which I were allowed to learn by you.

And so it eternally lives,
The fame of deeds of the death.
Track Name: Portal Of Destruction
Passive apathy. Indifference all the way !
Unable to exit from the labyrinth of my thoughts!
Cast aside by reason.
In the coldness of my inner depression.
Unable to escape from the forces of repression,
Left Consciously in this painful misery.
Absorbed in morbid agony,
Oblivious to the passage of time.
Universe sealed with oppression.
Phantoms radiate the end.
Uncontrolled emotions.
Emptiness! Paralyzed in distress!
Fruitlessly Searching for an escape,
from the nocturnal morbid kingdom
of devastated emotions of mine!
The pain of my existence!
Imprisoned in my cell of depression,
All the signs lead to gallows,
like an exit made of self-destruction!
could it be my escape?!